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Why do the 30 day goal challenge?

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Why do the 30 day goal challenge?

When I first developed a coaching program, I was excited to work through life goals with people one on and one, and really make their long term visions come to life. However, over time I discovered that everyone is enthusiastic during that first meeting – but it very quickly moves to the back of their minds when anything else in life pops up. This is completely normal. But it’s not conducive to long term results, and I felt disappointed that I couldn’t help them get the results they wanted.

So back to the drawing board, I thought about what¬†really¬†helps me achieve success when it comes to goal setting. Once I’ve decided on something, I pretty much keep working on it until:

  • I’ve made it happen
  • There’s a real and reasonable reason it won’t happen

I focus on one thing at a time, and I put other projects aside until I’m done.

Essentially, I’ve stripped back the complexity of goal setting and work based on this being my only priority for the moment in time.

When you take on the 30 day goal challenge, you’ll experience the exciting yet challenging month of working towards something you really want. Here are the main reasons it works for me:

  1. When I split the goal up into smaller tasks, it’s more achievable
  2. When I dedicate 15-30 minutes a day, I can still work, study, gym…. life goes on yet I’m ticking
    things off my list at the same time
  3. I stay on track because I only focus on one part of the goal at a time
  4. Whenever I’m struggling with it, I remember that the struggle is only for 30 days and the reward
    of achieving it will be 100% worthwhile!!

Download the challenge, decide on your goal for the month, encourage a friend to join you, and GET IT DONE!

No more complaining, no more wasting time on social watching other people live their ‘amazing’ lives…

Good luck!

B x