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Where do you begin?

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Where do you begin?

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

What does it look like? Starting a goal, after you’ve decided to go for it?

I thought I’d answer these questions in a really easy step by step process. But before I do, I want to highlight that one of the most important parts of goal setting – is the preparation. It’s knowing exactly what you want, what beliefs and values you need to achieve it, and ensuring that the goal is compelling enough for you to complete it. (My program is designed to work through these steps in detail with you).

However, let’s say you know exactly what you want to achieve. You have a goal in mind, it’s been bugging you for a while, and you just want to make it happen already?!

Okay start here.

  1. Decide why you want to do this. Get the reason in your mind to feel very clear. One way of doing this? Ask yourself – what will I lose if I don’t achieve this? And then ask, what will I gain?
    Having these lists written down will help remind you why you started in the first place.
    WHEN: Do this as soon as you’ve decided on the goal. That means, now.
  • Visualise yourself achieving the goal. The brain has a very stringent (reticular) system of filtering out information that’s not important, so we can only focus on what is important. Utilise this system, by keeping your goal front of mind twice per day. Have you ever noticed how once you think about or talk about something, you see it everywhere? Imagine that you’ve trained your mind to notice anything and everything that could bring you closer to your goal… it will be hard to give up once the brain is onto it!
    WHEN: Do this twice per day, ideally when you wake up and before bed. But if you have more focused moments on the drive to work for example, do it then. Just don’t close your eyes or try to meditate!
  • Write a plan. No kidding. All the voodoo in the world won’t get you there, unless you know what it is that you’re trying to achieve:
    • Where do you need to be?
    • Who can help you with the plan?
    • What’s stopping you?
    • What information can you find that will help?
      WHEN: Tony says, never leave the site of goal setting without first taking action toward it. That means, now. Write your plans before you go about the day and forget what inspired you.
  • Set the date, once you’ve set the plan. Without one, you might find yourself putting it off and waiting until it’s more ‘convenient’ or you’re less ‘busy’. If you need more inspiration here, see my post about doing it in 24 hours.
    WHEN: Sorry but, this is another ‘now’ action! Goals take time and energy, so use momentum to get you started.
  • Enjoy the process! If you’re not having an absolute blast working on your goals, then re-consider step 1. Is this a bit of a drag for you? It shouldn’t be. I struggle some days to get everything done, but I struggling with a big fat smile because I couldn’t be happier to work on my passion projects.
  • I really hope this helps!

    It’s not always linear in reality, because naturally we go back and forth between ideas and desires, but if you at least get started – you’ll quickly realise how serious you are about that goal of yours.

    B x