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Setting HOT Goals.

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Setting HOT Goals.


Now that the challenge is live, I thought it would be a good moment to share tips on goal setting!

You’ve heard of SMART goals, I’m sure (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound). And these are all great metrics to keep in mind. However, I like to use my own little acronym that focuses a little more on the likelihood of someone taking action – rather than the likelihood of success. This is because, without taking action in the first place, what does it matter how much you’re going to succeed at this point?!

SMART metrics should be used once you’re in the habit of actively seeking change. In the meantime, try HOT goals:

HOW realistic is it? If someone else has achieved it, this goal is realistic, and you can achieve it too. You just have to recognize and access your own skills and strengths.

OWN your goals. It’s easy to get caught up in hype and pressure from friends and family, or your work environment and social network, and to form goals that fit with other people’s needs and expectations of you. These are not compelling goals, these are not goals that will work. Instead, form goals that you feel proud to be associated with, goals that inspire you and drive you towards them because they put a fire in your belly as you think about how you will feel when you have achieved them.

TIME & control. A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Set a damn date. Also, goals that are based on the behaviours and actions of others is not conducive to success. We cannot control other’s reactions, and therefore it’s difficult to rely on that so always check that the outcome of this goal is within your control.

Do not be fooled by how I’ve breezed over some of these points. If your working on something in life that is truly not for you, or you are desperately seeking a success that relies on the action of someone else – you will always struggle with completing these goals. Be honest with yourself when you’re setting out your plan.

Now you can get started on the 30 day challenge knowing you’ve chosen something worthwhile!

Enjoy, and work hard 🙂

B x