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My Goal 1

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My Goal 1

“If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you’re gonna make it happen”. Mariah Carey

It was 2013, I think. I went to Kikki K and fell in love with literally everything I saw, but came home with this beautiful, simple dreams book. I figured since the years prior to this moment hadn’t been very fruitful, it wasn’t too late to start dreaming. 

I thought I had to write all my dreams in at once, so I sat on my bed furiously scribbling anything and everything I’d ever imagined myself doing. From the cliche to the crazy… Starting with number 1, I was pretty adamant that to propel my life from despair to desirable, I had to meet Mariah Carey. As a fan since the age of 2, I’d spent a lot of time putting her on an impossible pedestal, a picture of perfection and all things glamour.

In the beginning, I wasn’t that strategic – I won’t lie to you. I just did all the usual things one would do if trying to meet someone famous; like buying tickets to her concert when it was finally announced for Australia. But I had to be sure I’d covered all my bases, so I got tickets to both Brisbane and Sydney. The morning they went on sale, I had 4 people in my office logged in ready to get front row. I literally cried when I realised I had front row for Sydney and Section A somewhere for Brisbane. First step: get in the same room.

Luckily for my 24 year old self, my 15 year old self had become a member of her fan club, Honey B Fly, where she often referred to us as ‘Lambs’. On reflection, it’s kind of cruel! But we love her enough not to notice or protest (plus as lambs, we follow our leader with loyalty).

One morning, I got an email from the fan club.

‘Congratulations! You have been chosen for a meet & greet in Brisbane.’

I FELT MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR. How did this happen? Was it because of the ridiculous number of times I’d written to them? Was it because I was such a long standing fan club member?

Or was it because I’d put it in my dreams book, and then taken as many steps as possible to make it happen (within my control)? Either way, this was the most inspiring moment of all – realising that sometimes, if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.

Here’s the best part. We wait an hour at least after the concert has finished to be led backstage, and in  nervous anticipation, we’re standing behind a curtain where we can hear her voice we’re so close. The security tell us, leave your bags here and NO PHOTOS! They had a professional photographer ready and waiting.

Of course, things never go to plan. I was literally the only person who didn’t keep my phone on me and I stood back while everyone took a selfie with her. She was a vision. Her hair moved like silk as she swooshed it around to pose, and she spoke as softly as her best outro from the mid-90’s. At that point, I swear to you, she noticed me and looked at me with huge sympathy because I was clearly having a silent and still seizure just realising what was happening. She came to me, hugged me with both arms, and then looked at me and said ‘I love you! It’s so great to see you!’

My curls linked into hers, and we both wore short dresses. For a very short moment in time, she was my best friend. We knew each other well, we had history. It was as though she knew her music (and her voice) had been the only reason I survived hell throughout my childhood. I thanked her with a stunned look on my face, because not a single word came out of my mouth. A moment I’d planned for at least 20 years, and I couldn’t even produce ‘hello’.

Lessons learned from this very special experience:

  • Have something to say
  • Never part with your camera, no matter what!
  • Make an impression. Don’t try to blend in.

This less than perfect goal pushed me to try and tick off even more. And so it followed; a life long ambition to achieve absolutely anything I put my mind to. Stay tuned for what happened next!

B x