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Find Your Fire

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Find Your Fire

“People are not lazy, they simply have goals that do not inspire them.” Tony Robbins

Ever wondered why you don’t wake up excited on a Monday? 

You’ve undoubtedly heard before; if you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like work. But what if you’re not quite sure what you love? To some, this is a crazy notion, because they not only know what they are passionate about but they’re actually pursuing it already.

However, the truth is, it doesn’t come to all of us that easily. I’ve had conversations with people who are unhappy with their current situation, but they’re not sure what situation it is that they desire. Quite the opposite, I personally sit in an obscure third category; with a never ending list of passions, I constantly get distracted and struggle to focus on one at a time (something I’ve now learned strategies for).

So how do you find your passion? (Aka Fire) 

I’ve discovered that a few different things can invoke a sense of curiosity and excitement, and they’re all completely achievable for anyone.

1. Try new things! If you never try new things, where will new interests come from? Get used to feeling uncomfortable, prepare to be a bit uncoordinated in this approach at first – but also try to keep in mind that you could very well stumble upon your next big passion in life.

2. Talk to your grandparents! Please, I’m begging you – if you are privileged enough to have these incredible influences still in your life, listen to their stories. Not only will you get to learn about their lives and how you came to existence, but you might find similarities between you that spark something you didn’t know you loved. My passion for writing was essentially unrealised, until I spent enough time with my Nanna to notice that we often both got excited about it – and it was endearing to think I must have inherited that passion from her.

3. Keep a journal. Yes, urgh, I hate it when I hear this advice! Who seriously sits down before bed every night and says ‘Dear diary…’ Well, good news is, I’ve found that random scribbles or pictures can be just as effective. If I find myself thinking WOW THIS DAY IS AMAZING! I’ll either take a picture of the moment, or write it down somewhere as simply as ‘I love when I’m out for dinner, and we’re all laughing until our stomachs hurt.’ This quick, easy activity means you start to develop an organic list of experiences you love. Then when you sit down to think about your passions, you have a few points of reference to start with. You might notice all of your notes are about being around others, or, when you were doing something outdoors. This can reveal personality patterns you didn’t notice otherwise!

4. It might be hiding… Sometimes when I’ve asked people about passions, they struggle to find an answer. But when I simply re-frame the question, ‘what do you love doing?’ or ‘what do you wish you could do every weekend?’ it’s a lot easier to call out a few things. And the trick here, is that sometimes we don’t realise that we do have passions but they’re hiding under the guise of ‘indulgences’ or we think we couldn’t possibly do that activity as a job. Well, remember this – – someone has the job of getting paid to travel. Someone else has the job of getting paid to eat food and comment on it. And, someone has the job of taste-testing ice-cream!!! So don’t ever say ‘there’s no way I can paid to do that’. Because I guarantee you, with a smart proposal and a bit of research, you can get paid to do anything if the world needs it.

I urge you to take this path of discovery, especially before considering what your goals will be. If you know what makes you happy, what drives and motivates you, you will set goals that you are truly passionate about.

B x