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Not a club.

This is something you live by.

Because the former is important, and the latter is usually temporary.

Own your decisions, you've either won, or learned a lesson.

We seek truth, not rumours. We expect information backed by science, not testimonials.

We look for thoughtful, not commercial. We value what we read, consume, believe, and become.

There are no limits to what we dream, therefore no limits to what we can achieve. We never judge others for their imagination.

We get to work. We don't follow. We focus on ourselves, our goals, our community, and our ambition.

Bec Sutton

Introducing Brain Sparks

I'm Bec, the founder of Brain Sparks. Listen to this video to find out why I started this blog, what you will discover if you start to educate and empower yourself, and why I created the ethos.

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What you believe for sure to be true about life.


What you believe to be most important; where you invest your time.


The things you do with ease, every single day.


How you treat the people around you.