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Don’t be normal, please.

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Don’t be normal, please.

I had a conversation with a friend today, about the idea of a ‘baseline’ normal – and feeling as though we were never destined to live in that space. Growing up, we were both outgoing, outspoken and always looking for the next big adventure. But between said adventures, we were faced with challenges that were different in circumstances and similar in nature. We both longed for stability, normalcy, and the loving arms of parents like those we saw in other homes. It was this longing for a simple life that drove us to work extra hard, chase success, and build resilience. I can’t speak on behalf of my friend, but I know I personally felt like I’d achieved so much whenever I reflected on where I’d come from.

In chasing this normal mode of living, had we abandoned the uniqueness of our character? The fires in our little bellies were extinguished, as we drowned ourselves in the traditional pillars of success. Years later, looking back on where we’d come from, we were proud – we’d ‘made it out alive’ against all odds, and functioned in society with true purpose. So, why did I feel the need to look for more? Why do I still miss the feeling of falling?

Could it be in our DNA, I asked my friend today, that we just prefer the whimsical? We need a sprinkle of risk to enjoy the taste of this normal life we’d longingly ordered?

Sure, it seems illogical to miss the whirlwinds and disaster from our childhoods, but when it was that exact circumstance that made us so strong in the first place, it’s near impossible to regret. So I guess we go forth, with this combination of old life and new self, in the hopes that there’ll be enough excitement along the way to keep our wild hearts tame.

But don’t be mistaken, underneath the layers of confidence, comfort and conformity – are two little girls who would rather jump than be normal. And that’s exactly how it should be.