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Do I need a goals coach?

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Do I need a goals coach?

When we think of coaching, we might imagine sports coaches in bomber jackets, standing on the side of a field somewhere – yelling at the team with plays or feedback. Or a huddle, with clipboards and whiteboards, and a very serious look of both concern and anticipation. Well, a life coach is pretty similar actually. Except as a client, you’re the player, the field is life, and the clipboard (or the plays) are your goals list.
If you feel like you’ve been coasting, living on the surface, or constantly talking about things you ‘want to do’ but never seem to progress past that point – a coach might be for you.
It takes encouragement and guidance to achieve great things; even the world’s best athletes or performers need this. It also means having your own mini cheer squad. Okay just one cheerleader, not a squad. But still, if you’re chasing something that matters to you, it’s always nice to see someone running alongside you saying ‘This is 100% yours! You are absolutely going to make it!’

I like to imagine that I’ve been a bit of a coach my whole life; I have always wanted to help people tap into their dreams and bring them to life, or give advice about how they can better believe in themselves. Now I just decided it’s time to make this a life mission.

I use the term goals a lot, but in reality- the title is arbitrary. Dreams, ambitions, bucket list… it all depends on what you want and what you want your life to look like.

Some people might say, why would I pay you to help me write a list? well, it’s a bit more than that. You get a list, sure, but you also get an accountability partner, a documented plan on how you’re going to achieve your goals, and hopefully (if you come with an open mind) you’ll learn more about yourself so you can continue on your journey solo – knowing that you WILL achieve anything you choose to go for.

I’m always happy to chat through the process if you’re unsure, so please reach out to me with questions.

B x