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Can you do it in 24 hours?

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Can you do it in 24 hours?

Start now.

Considering that Goals with B came to life in around   14 hours, today I wondered if I could recreate that sense of urgency for my soon to be husband. You see, very often, we find a hobby we love – and we’re really good at. But because we love it, we forget it’s actually work!

So when we had the idea to turn his awesome web skills into a business, I turned to him and said “should we just do it now?”

In 3 hours we’d purchased a domain, a website template, set up a Facebook page, designed a logo and some brochure materials and now as I write this, he’s busy building out the site.

When motivation strikes, don’t turn it away. Too many ideas are never realized because their owners are desperate to make them perfect before doing so. Don’t chase perfection, just act. Test and learn. Ask for feedback.

Without knowing how the market/ your audience will respond, how can you make any more improvements? Obviously, there’s loads of due diligence to be done, especially if the idea involves investment. But don’t let it stop you, just do your homework and use the many tools available to help you online.

If you’re a bit of a dreamer, I challenge you today. TAKE THE FIRST STEP! Get your idea on a page. Make a call. Enrol. Enquire. But just do something now before motivation fades.

I promise you’ll have fun doing it! Let me know if you give it a shot.

B xx