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5 Books to kickstart your 2020

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5 Books to kickstart your 2020

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

I’ve always believed that the more you read, the more you know. So here are 5 books you should consider reading, to kickstart your self-education journey in 2020. 

These are all books from my personal collection; I’m sure in the world, there are many more. These are just the ones I’ve managed to buy, read and keep so far.


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1. Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins 

Type of read: Long, informative, notes required

Good for: completing shaking up your world, shifting mindset, breaking habits, creating new ones

Why I love it? Tony has cracked the code to human behaviour. He knows exactly how to teach what he knows, and in my opinion – that’s really unique. Follow his steps, and you can literally achieve anything you set your mind to. But be warned, TR is addictive. You’ll want more, and if so, I suggest watching his doco on Netflix too. 🙂


2. The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat – Oliver Sacks 

Type of read: Story-telling, sometimes medical, but always poetic

Good for: those who are generally curious about the brain, psychology, and medicine

Why I love it? He’s the Neurologist who inspired my entire career. Sacks was not only a wonder of the medical world, he wrote like a poet, treated patients with utmost respect, and has a legacy that will hopefully go on forever. Worth reading for insight into the workings of the brain.


3. Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker 

Type of read: Informative, some story-telling

Good for: Everyone! It should be mandatory reading in high schools. Great for those who struggle to sleep too, obviously.

Why I love it? Matthew has absolutely nailed the art of science communication. Though tough to digest at times, it’s entirely worth it. He’s convincingly portrayed a huge, non-negotiable argument for better sleep and also – thankfully – provided solutions.


4. Gut – Giulia Enders 

Type of read: Informative, but seriously funny!

Good for: Anyone who eats. Literally.

Why I love it? Another great medical writer, Giulia uses straight forward language to help the ‘general public’ understand their insides better. I realise this isn’t a brain book, but WOW it’s so relevant. No medical knowledge required, she really breaks it down, and makes you re-think your probiotic fixes entirely.


5. The Emotional Life of Your Brain – Richard J. Davidson 

Type of read: Story-telling mostly, still informative

Good for: those who seek inner peace, interested in meditation, feeling a need to understand the brain (or themselves) a bit better…

Why I love it? Because it’s written by an incredible and pioneering Neuroscientist, who could have given up when he was laughed out of the room, but didn’t. And today, we’re thankful for his approach to understanding why we think the way we do and again, offers practical solutions for working through that.